Wedding brochure

CLIENT: Sarah Churcher Professional Photography
BRIEF: To design and produce a sales booklet
SKILLS: design principles and colour theory, knowledge of print processes
SOFTWARE: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and inDesign;

At FLUX Design Studio, we love it when a client wants something special. And this wedding photographer loves special! The brief was to produce a high quality print brochure which incorporated her client contract & CD.

FLUX decided to go for a more un-usual landscape format. We wanted Sarah’s branding to be represented through-out the brochure and spot varnish over colour blocks did the job nicely. The brochure was printed on heavy weight stock but the last two pages were contracts which needed to be removed, so these were a lighter weight stock & serrated for ease of tearing. The final point of difference was the spiral binding.

Voila, a high quality booklet to showcase beautiful photos!