love notes

“Well, it’s finally finished ( ! ) – and I would like to thank you from all the Artica team for your hard work and long hours. Needless to say, it has been very much appreciated.”

Artica testimonialMark Norton

Artica Global

“I would recommend Jinny to other business professionals for her branding & design work.

When we visited Jinny she took the time to get the whole picture (understanding of our business) & how we wanted to be seen in the market. She was able to put together our jigsaw pieces of ideas to create a design that exceeded our expectations.”

Kerrie SalvatoreKerrie Salvatore

Concise Super

“I think the cards are very distinctive and yes the colours are great. I don’t have much of an eye for such things so grateful for your efforts.”

Gordian Health testimonialProfessor Lee Kennedy

Gordian Health

“God you’re fab! And a bloody good businesswoman – am very happy to be recommending you x x”

Alli Price testimonialAlli Price

Motivating Mum

“I just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU for all of your support over the last twelve months.

Putting aside the great work you have done for us you also have connected us with business alliances that have been a benefit to our business.

We look forward to continuing on building our business relationship and networks with you.

Much appreciated!”

Kerrie SalvatoreKerrie & Fabio Salvatore

Concise Super

“Jinny I love my new logo and business cards! Thank you so much! I have the cards all laid out in front of me and I’m just sitting here smiling at them! It is so nice to have something I am finally proud of that represents me. You have been a turning point for me. Thank you!”

Sarah Churcher testimonialSarah Churcher

Sarah Churcher Professional Photography

“Just a note to thank you for all your work in the production of my book `Indian Summers’. The experience has been a most rewarding one.

Working with Flux Design Studio for an extended period, I’ve been most impressed with the creative flare, interaction and attention to detail with the overall design.

The co-ordination and quality of the printing – along with the inclusion of over one hundred photographs and maps into the package – has also been commendable.

With the use of appropriate colours, tones and text, the end result has proven a spectacular success; clearly identifying the work with the exotic subcontinent of India.”

Ian Cochrane testimonialIan Cochrane


love letters

“The logo and brand designed by Flux Design Studio for our business as accountants fully achieved its diverse goals. The goals were: memorable talking point, remember-able, fun, stand out from the crowd without putting off potential clients and alienating our staid profession.

Furthermore, Jinny’s solution for letterhead (pdf) has cut our business stationery costs to nil – a thoroughly successful outcome. We thoroughly appreciate that Flux Design Studio completed all our work in our short timeframes.”

CTCTracey Jones

CTC Accounting & Taxation

“I looked at the DVD “Image and Perception of the West” and think it’s a great piece. The detail and integration of the triple bottom line social economic and environmental is its strength and cuts through all the ‘poor me’ victim West stuff. I really liked the offering of immediate possible solutions which brought the perception into a solvable solution. It just ain’t rocket science.  This work really shows the value of the arts and film to local government and economic growth.

It would be great if Maribyrnong City Council acknowledged your contribution to the growth in the region and to involve you in Lead West to make these ideas a reality. The architect/engineering streetscape drawings integrated with photos was terrific as well as the intervening video material driving along the freeway. SOOOOOOOOOOOO much more powerful than words.”


Living Colour Studio

“”I have been working with Jinny for around 3 years. She is amazing at her craft. She has the ability to listen to what I say I want and then produce the image that I really had in my head. Jinny really knows her stuff. She understands in great detail how graphic design works, not just paying lip service and so she knows how to get the best image for your business.

I have often told Jinny that I must be her worst client because I change my mind so often. Rather than losing patience with me, Jinny is able to gently guide me in order to get to a fantastic outcome. Anyone who employs Jinny’s services is in great hands and will be very pleased with the results.

Jinny is so good at what she does, that she is the only person I go to for graphic design!”

Simone OutteridgeSimone Outteridge

Diamond Profit Solutions

“When we started our business we were referred to see Jinny to get some business cards done.

Our initial consultation with Jinny opened up discussions about “branding” and how we saw our-selves in the Accounting Profession. We had a chat about what we liked and didn’t like in terms of logos, colours and what we already knew what was out there in the Profession. We weren’t looking to be copy cats.

Jinny came up with a few brand concepts according to our wants including another one which was completely different. It would be very easy for a graphic designer to design concepts as per the clients’ specific instructions and sometimes it is a necessity. In our case, Jinny was able to listen to the unspoken words and take a risk and present us with options of conservative and safe or completely different and yet perfect for us.

We recently sent out some marketing material to a Lawyer in Queensland, who was interested to know how long we had been in business (which wasn’t long) as our marketing material presented quite professional compared to what come across his desk.

We work with Jinny regularly and lean on her to guide us in our growing business to ensure our branding is consistent throughout the business. We have used Flux Design Studio for branding, business cards, with compliment slips, electronic and pre-printed stationary, web design and marketing brochures.

Although Jinny refers to herself as a graphic designer, we believe she is more than that…she designs a business presence in the market place.”

Kerrie SalvatoreKerrie & Fabio Salvatore

Concise Super

“I spent a long time trying to find the perfect graphic designer for my business. After requesting quotes from many varying companies I found the cost to be outrageous but apart from that I found the level of service to be impersonal. I settled on one finally who I paid a lot of money for a redesign of my wedding brochure. The experience was horrifying and the final product was uninventive and highly disappointing! I stopped the entire process feeling so disheartened and moved onto other areas of my business while I built the energy back up to try again. Then I found Jinny from Flux Design Studio. And EVERYTHING fell into place. Jinny meet with me face to face, she had time for me and she really listened to my vision. She understood it. And on the spot she bought my vision to a new level. It was such a great relief to me.

I have now had Jinny redesign my letterhead, my CD, my wedding booklet and we are now working on the design of my dream website. The results are perfect, exactly what I wanted and my business has so much more of a professional feel now. I must make special mention of my wedding brochure which has been our largest project so far – it is a masterpiece. I had an idea that I thought sounded great, Jinny developed this document into a piece of art. I am so proud to hand it onto clients.

Another massive benefit I found with Jinny is that she covers graphic design and websites. So I don’t have to start again explaining my brand and my vision to a web developer. I have one that understands it already. I could not recommend Jinny and Flux Design Studio highly enough!”

Sarah Churcher testimonialSarah Churcher

Sarah Churcher Professional Photography

“After a period of rapid growth our organisation, KP Health, needed a more professional identity. Jinny Coyle from Flux Design Studio has delivered this and more.

Jinny’s re-branding has given us the fresh, professional image that we were seeking. She has created a new website, re-developed our logo, designed new document and presentation templates and even delivered a style guide to assist our business.

Jinny listens to what you want and is always available to answer questions. She provides professional, no-nonsense advice and support and delivers high quality products.”

KP Health testimonialKelly Shaw

KP Health