brand identity

Identity Design is a specialised beast!

A brand is what people say about you when you leave the room, it is how people feel about your product & how you fit into their lives.

It is individual & exclusive which is why we don’t offer packages.

Yes, at the core of a brand sits your visual logo. But that is just the beginning. we will deliver your logo with a branding manual recommending the way the branding should be used in various applications. Depending on the business, other things that may be in there are images & copy style such as ‘voice’ & tone. If it is an off-line business it may also have stationary kit & things like signage, uniforms & car wrap. The final deliverable is an identity package with all the files the client may require to fulfill their anticipated requirements. (I do not do ‘packages’ … I customise my quotes based on an initial discussion & cost, timelines & payment plan along with deliverables.