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After tweeking Sarah Churchers’ branding & producing her wedding brochure & contract, we moved onto her re-building her a spectacular website.

In her usual creative fashion, Sarah’s ideas for her dream website created challenges. She didn’t want any scrolling down, rather she wanted horizontal scrolling. Big photos sliding under the navigation bar.

Up for the challenge, FLUX created a custom theme & template in wordpress. I’ll let Sarah tell the rest…

“I spent a long time trying to find the perfect graphic designer for my business. After requesting quotes from many varying companies I found the cost to be outrageous but apart from that I found the level of service to be impersonal. I settled on one finally who I paid a lot of money for a redesign of my wedding brochure. The experience was horrifying and the final product was uninventive and highly disappointing! I stopped the entire process feeling so disheartened and moved onto other areas of my business while I built the energy back up to try again. Then I found Jinny from Flux Design Studio. And EVERYTHING fell into place. Jinny meet with me face to face, she had time for me and she really listened to my vision. She understood it. And on the spot she bought my vision to a new level. It was such a great relief to me.

I have now had Jinny redesign my letterhead, my CD, my wedding booklet and we are now working on the design of my dream website. The results are perfect, exactly what I wanted and my business has so much more of a professional feel now. I must make special mention of my wedding brochure which has been our largest project so far – it is a masterpiece. I had an idea that I thought sounded great, Jinny developed this document into a piece of art. I am so proud to hand it onto clients.

Another massive benefit I found with Jinny is that she covers graphic design and websites. So I don’t have to start again explaining my brand and my vision to a web developer. I have one that understands it already. I could not recommend Jinny and Flux Design Studio highly enough!”

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